Sustainable brands series: Aya Label

June 22, 2023

Unleashing the Power of Goddesses in Sustainable Swimwear

Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to a brand that beautifully combines creativity, sustainability, and the empowering energy of Greek goddesses - AYA Label. Join us on a journey as we outline what makes Aya Label truly exceptional.

AYA Label emerged in 2018 when a Dutch couple sought to create high-quality swimwear for sun-loving women, while incorporating a creative twist. Inspired by the enchanting tales of Greek mythology, each design is named after a Greek goddess, representing her unique energy. With every new summer season, a divine goddess graces their collection, bringing a fresh wave of inspiration.

What sets AYA Label apart is their unwavering commitment to sustainability. Their designs are crafted from 78% regenerated old fishing nets and other nylon waste that pollute our precious planet. By transforming this waste into stunning swim and activewear, they actively contribute to reducing environmental impact. The brand is constantly on the lookout for innovative recycled and sustainable fabrics, ensuring that their creations are as eco-friendly as possible.

But sustainability doesn't stop at the materials; AYA Label believes in ethical practices throughout their entire supply chain. They partner with small family-owned and ethically run factories in Istanbul and Bali, ensuring fair working conditions and supporting local communities. It's a testament to their dedication to knowing who they work with and caring for everyone involved in the production process.

AYA Label's commitment to sustainability shines through in every aspect, down to the smallest details. Their fishnet bags are made from recycled cotton, the hygiene stickers are compostable and derived from wood pulp, hangtags are crafted from recycled paper, polybags are biodegradable and produced from renewable raw materials, and even the shipping packages are made from recycled carton.

At the heart of AYA Label is a deep appreciation for the powerful goddesses and female warriors who have protected and guided us throughout history. With their first collection, 'Gaia,' they pay homage to the great Earth goddess herself - the embodiment of love, strength, and resilience. This collection radiates the primal energy of Mother Earth, inspiring women to embrace their inner power and feel confident in their own skin.

AYA Label's swimwear is designed to make every woman feel beautiful, empowered, and comfortable. They celebrate the diversity of body shapes and sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for all. Their designs feature vibrant colors, playful prints, and feminine silhouettes that effortlessly capture attention. With a sense of playfulness and adventure, AYA Label embraces the power of femininity and encourages women to unleash their inner goddesses.  Let their swimwear ignite your inner strength and inspire you to embrace a more conscious approach to fashion.