NAIM is an international fashion marketing and distribution agency. Our combination of old school sales methods and digital marketing strategies empower brands to achieve great results. 

Our mission

Help brands achieve their growth ambitions
in order to have a meaningful impact on society.

We leverage our skills as seasoned sales-managers, digital-marketeers and above all fashionistas to help your brand achieve the next business development goals. 

As an agency we focus on fashion collections and accessories. We know what we are passionate about, and that’s what we do. 

As sales-managers we don’t believe in short-cuts or secret formulas. We rely on our structured and goal-driven inbound and outbound sales processes. 

As marketeers we believe that digital and offline strategies should be crafted to the brand story and measured with key performance data in order to maximize engagement. 

As a team we collaborate as a family, always in close contact with yours. 

Our name

What’s the name “NAIM” all about?

The meaning of NAIM is "to be contented".

We strive to make sure the brands we represent are ‘contented’,
with our tailored marketing and distribution strategy.
Second, it holds ‘AIM’ inside, which reminds us to stay focused,
on the goals we set to achieve the desired outcomes. 

And finally, we just liked NAIM to be our NAME. 


We work together with many partners to empower the reputation of your fashion brand.