8 Reasons to work with NAIM

March 29, 2023

8 Reasons to work with NAIM

Fashion brands often come to us with the relevant question, why should we work with NAIM Agency and not another agency? Fashion agencies come in all shapes and sizes, and we also have our own style and unique-selling-points.

So, here's a list of 8 pretty good reasons to start a cooperation with NAIM Agency.

1. Unique Combination


Some agencies focus on sales, other agencies focus on PR and Marketing..

At NAIM Agency we believe in the combination of both, in order to maximise brand awareness among our community of influencers, retailers and department stores. As we focus purely on Fashion Brands, our community and audiences are extremely relevant to the brands we represent. This might be different working together with a general sales or pr-agency.

2. Selective Approach


Before we start a new cooperation with a brand, we need to ask ourselves a couple of questions..

Will there be a product-market fit? Will we be able to deliver the desired revenues for this brand? Will our influencers, stylists and press work together with this brand based on seeding and lend-outs? Does this brand fit within our portfolio? If we answer these questions positively, we commit ourselves to a long term relationship, in order to accelerate the brand into a fashion leader in our market.

3. Growth Phase


NAIM Agency is the ideal partner for high quality fashion brands in the growth phase of their life cycle..

Often these brands are already successful in their home-country and want to expand into the Benelux market. We accelerate the growth of these brands in terms of local presence, brand awareness, community building and revenues. The sweet-spot lies with these brands, because the more established brands have the resources to build-up offices around the globe.

4. Warm Relationships


We have build-up our wholesale-distribution network and marketing relationships in the course of the past 7 years..

As an up-coming brand entering the Benelux market you can profit from our warm relationships. The time, effort and finances that have gone into building-up these relationships can be saved by working together with us. Moreover, we know how to invest our resources and execute our strategies more efficiently based on the market knowledge that we have.

5. Return on Investment


Partnering with NAIM Agency means saving a lot of time and effort compared to in-house alternatives..

The fees we charge are a fraction of the investment it would require to build up your own presence, community, brand awareness and sales team. Our team actively approaches the market and stays in close contact with your team. Therefore we work like an extension to your company.

6. Winning Strategy

We offer several distribution and marketing services, which we tailor into a winning strategy..

Our distribution services follow a structured plan, do, document, review process and our marketing services include: PR-Management, Influencer Campaigns, Content Development, E-mail Marketing, Bespoke Events and Social Media Development Plans. We try to be at the forefront of the latest digital marketing innovations in our field, in order to maximise engagement and conversions. This results in increased online revenues, which add to the offline revenues generated by our wholesale distribution strategy.

7. Family Team


As in every company, the people make the difference..

NAIM Agency is a family owned company, that has grown to be a full service marketing and distribution agency focused on fashion brands. We leverage our skills as seasoned sales-managers, digital-marketeers and above all fashionists to help your brand achieve the next business development goals. The DNA of our company makes us collaborate as a family.

8. Premium Showroom

NAIM’S showroom is located in the best-known fashion district of Amsterdam...

Our showroom is located in the Jan Luijkenstraat 62, next to all the high-end brands gathered in the P.C. Hooftstraat. We have an open-door policy for brands, buyers, retailers, stylists, editors, celebrities and influencers.

So, come around and let's talk!

NAIM Agency.

Accelerating upcoming brands into fashion leaders