WASHOLOGI means the study of laundry and is a Swedish brand with a wide selection of sustainable garment care by founder and "laundry guru" Viktoria Widengren. Tailor made products, manufactured with care and accuracy on the west coast of Sweden.

In the light of refurnishing our house, I discovered that the laundry room was in need of a serious facelift. In consequence, I also wanted to level up on my washing products, preferably both biodegradable and nicer looking. That was when I spotted the gap.
The entire fashion industry is in an intensive changing phase, and the old-fashioned "wear-and-tear" mentality appears further away than ever. The concept of "slow fashion" has come to stay.

Awareness among consumers, regarding materials and climate impact, is on the rise. An increasing share of consumers now opt for better, more sustainable material over cheaper alternatives. Therefore, we are happy to introduce WASHOLOGI and its sustainable garment care says Viktoria. Fashion will never be sustainable if we don't care accordingly and extending the lifecycle of the garments. It is truly inspiring to give people the opportunity to try out, and invest in more delicate and premium materials, since now, there's also a cleaning solution to be used for your own laundry.