MYMARINI was born from the love of nature, surfing, and the sea. MYMARINI’s founder and designer, Mareen Burk, took time off from her professional life in 2012 to travel and fully dedicate herself to surfing. In her search for sustainable swimwear that wasn’t just suitable for surfing but was also modern and elegant, Mareen realised how far conventional swimwear was from being resource-friendly and produced under fair working conditions. She wanted to change that – for herself, society, and the environment. She wrote the first business plan while she was still traveling. Once Mareen got back to Germany, she founded the sustainable swimwear label in Hamburg in 2013.

As a swimwear label, they are part of the fashion industry. With that comes the responsibility to help shape the industry in a sustainable way and drive change towards a cleaner and fairer world. They strive to produce their clothing in harmony with nature and pursue their mission of building a brand that enriches the lives of everyone involved – from the people who source the materials to their customers. They prove that fashion and sustainability go hand in hand, setting their own standards to align with their core values.

Expansion means achieving more, instigating change, and doing more good for the world. When they contemplate ways to combat climate change, the topic of education consistently emerges. Water holds great significance for them, despite its omnipresence often going unnoticed. Their goal is to raise awareness about different aspects of water, educate people, and encourage greater involvement in their initiatives.