Marvell Lane


MARVELL LANE is where style and functionality intersect for busty women sized 8D-16H.

We get fuller busts, plain and simple.

Our founder, Rachael Calvert, has an 8G bust, and from a very young age she discovered the lack of functional and fashionable pieces on the market when it came to swimwear. To be completely honest, she dreaded walking into a store, only to be guided to the sale section where the oldest and frumpiest bras in her size were. Just because we have D+ busts, does not mean we need thick straps, bulky cups and excess fabric.

This is where MARVELL LANE was born, in Byron Bay in 2017. It is our mission is to produce ethically and sustainably made garments, which make our customers feel confident, sexy and supported. Our garments are designed to embrace thin straps and back bands, quality fabrics and finishes, and most of all our 8D-16H garments are designed to enhance and celebrate our gorgeous curves.

We want to make shopping for fuller busts exciting again, so no busty woman ever has to feel left out or insecure purely because of the size of her breasts. Welcome to MARVELL LANE, we hope you love what we do!