Lucia Kinghorn


Way up high and way down low is where I find my inspiration. Maybe it was Bowie’s Starman, maybe it was the Apollo mission to the moon, but stars have been twinkling to me all my life. On the ground, the extraterrestrial beauty of mushrooms beckons me. Now, I can’t get enough of their diverse array of shapes and colours. Magic indeed.  

I’m Lucia. Born in Canada.  Cosmos-inspired, locally grown. With thanks to Baudelaire, my design ethos embraces that “strangeness is a necessary ingredient in beauty”.

The Product . . .

Groovy and gorgeous to the max, our 100% silk scarves have pow. A scarf—the right scarf—can take simple to far-out. A simple twist of silk delivers spirit, verve. Add vibrant, intriguing colour and you have a high-impact accessory. Limited and original, this is accessible luxury. Designed in Canada. Handmade in Spain. 100% silk. Every item is made in small batches. We create beauty minimizing waste.