We began our journey in2016 in Copenhagen where our design studio is currently located. Since then we have worked with a family-owned factory in Portugal who craft all our shoes and have become our dear friends and a vital part of our team.

Our mission is to inspire individuality. We do it by bringing co-designers with diverse styles and back grounds to the table – celebrating them all. We have a vision of a future where everyone can walk the streets confident with who they are and how they look and that’s where our journey is headed.

We are proud to say that all leather used in our shoes comes from LWG certified tanneries. The LWG (Leather Working Group), is a not-for-profit organization and is a world-leading environmental certification for the leather manufacturing industry. We want to do even better and have already implemented vegan materials into our products. The materials we currently use are both recycled plastic bottles and vegan pineapple 'leather'.

All our shoes are produced in Europe where they are sold. Keeping the production close to the shoes' final destination plays a big role in keeping the carbon emission low. This also enables better relationships with our suppliers and the opportunity to be more transparent about our ways of working.