Dita Von Teese


Dita Von Teese is the epitome of grace and glamour and is celebrated internationally as a burlesque artist, muse, and style icon.

Lena Hoschek founded her fashion label in Austria in 2005 and stands for vintage and boho-inspired fashion, which is sustainable produced from the highest quality materials in specialized workshops in Europe. Season after season, the designer creates a magnificent world where elegance and femininity set the tone. Timeless designs, the highest quality standards and the use of the finest natural materials stand the test of time, making each piece a precious commodity that is meant to last for generations. From the beginning, the founder and designer has always stayed true to herself, her name symbolizing a nostalgic return to traditional craftsmanship, classic cuts, and the feminine hourglass silhouette. Thanks to her special approach to details, colors, and patterns, always as the figure-flattering, sophisticated cuts of her designs, Lena Hoschek’s prêt-à-porter collection shave achieved international fame.

Dita Von Teese became aware of Lena Hoschek several years ago and has since been dressed by the fashion label. Through their shared interest in vintage and their great love of dresses in the style of the 1940s, an intimate friendship grew between the two entrepreneurs. Through this shared passion for timeless and vintage-inspired pieces, the internationally successful businesswomen joined forces and decided to create a joint label: “Dita Von Teese by Lena Hoschek.” Iconic cuts, exquisite materials and attention to detail characterize the joint collection and embody their ethos of valuing each garment as something timeless and long-lasting. The exclusive collection includes strikingly feminine signature silhouettes such as elegant two-pieces, versatile 18-hour dresses, corseted cocktail dresses, and wide swing skirts.

The collection will be presented to our wholesale partners between seasons. The retail markup will be a factor of three. The main part of the collection is permanent and will never be discounted. It is conceived as a season less, never-out-of-stock collection. A third of the collection is seasonal and will be renewed twice a year. Lena Hoschek bears the entire responsibility for sourcing and manufacturing with her rigorous standards for sustainability and social responsibility. 

The story of the collection begins in the designer’s historic couture atelier in Vienna. From the design to the sample collection, the samples are meticulously handcrafted here with the designer, one head of couture and ten seamstresses.