Founded in 2017, out of the desire to find the perfect, no-nonsense bikini to bum around in the beach!

I started Blackbough Swim from my bedroom. I sold small batches of bikinis of my own design just to reach the minimum order and keep one for myself. It's been a couple of years since, and I'm nothing but thankful for the tens of thousands of women worldwide that continue to wear and love Blackbough bikinis.

We make triple-lined, buttery soft bikinis. We source our fabrics from trusted, high-quality suppliers and our suits go through multiple iterations and revisions to ensure durability. If you look good and feel great, then we've done our job.

Our business practices revolve around creating a better environment—from using recycled fabric for our swim and ensuring great working conditions for our team, to investing in factories that abide by ethical labor practices and picking the greener option each chance we get.

Every body is a bikini body. We make our swim as a vibrant and joyful celebration of different bodies. Our hope is to inspire confidence in every tropical soul.

What started out in the living room as a team of two eventually expanded into the still-growing, Filipino team you see today. Finding more bikini lovers means bringing onboard more helping hands. Everyone here knows that a day at work means providing the best experience to women all over the world. And yes, we work by the beach whenever we can!